TV 5 Monde

TV5MONDE’s mission is to promote francophone culture and creation in all its forms. Its specificity: to broadcast works in French, whether they are Belgian, French, Quebecois, Canadian or from the African continent, to promote them throughout the world and to support creation through original productions or co-productions, purchases and pre-purchases.

TV5MONDE is the world’s first French-language channel. It attracts an average of nearly 60 million viewers every week (cumulative weekly audience).

Nearly 364 million households and 120 million cell phones in 198 countries actually receive one or more of TV5MONDE’s 10 channels, with specific programming and subtitles in 13 languages: Arabic, English, German, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Vietnamese and French.

9 TV5MONDE all over the world :

  • TV5MONDE Africa
  • TV5MONDE Maghreb-Orient
  • TV5MONDE Europe
  • TV5MONDE France-Belgium-Switzerland (FBS)
  • TV5MONDE Brazil
  • TV5MONDE Latin America
  • TV5MONDE Asia
  • TV5MONDE Pacific
  • TV5 MONDE Canada

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T: +32 3 613 22 55