OUTRE-MER 1ère: The No. 1 broadcasting network in the French Overseas Territories.

Outre-Mer 1ère is the leading audiovisual group in Outre-Mer with, in each of the 9 DROM/COM, a television channel, a radio station and a complete digital offer (site, mobile site and application).

The name of each territory is part of the station names: Guadeloupe the 1st, Guyana the 1st, Martinique the 1st, Mayotte the 1st, New Caledonia the 1st, Polynesia the 1st, Reunion the 1st, Saint Pierre and Miquelon the 1st, Wallis and Futuna the 1st.

The TV channels are local, generalist, full service channels. They are independent of each other but structured in the same way. They all offer a combination of local news, local productions, specific programs for ultramarine audiences or major sports events like the World Soccer Cup and the Rugby World Cup, national news and reruns of shows broadcasted in metropolitan France by France Télévisions or by private channels.

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