What? Mayonnaise?

In Pulp Fiction they hate it, The French call it their victory sauce, The Belgians dip their French fries in it and we make a brand out of it. The power of ‘mayonnaise’ is in its supplementary quality. You need an excuse to eat it. Carrots, bread, cherry tomatoes or our personal favorite: the index finger. To exist, mayonnaise requires something that needs improvement. And you’ve guessed it right, that’s where we come in!


Yes, you can say that again. A Belgian organization that operates as your portal to more, your condiment to improvement, with advertising opportunities all over the globe. Mayonnaise is the sauce of the world and Mayonnaise Media is your global connection.

“I’ve seen them do it, man, they ****ing drown ‘m in that shit”

Like a Belgian drowns their French fries in a shitload of sauce, Mayonnaise Media will immerse your brand with the attention it deserves. We are there for you whether it’s in the cupboards close to home or at the far corners of the wider world. It truly tastes like international advertising.